About us

Rooted in our commitment to value-led education, we extend our focus beyond 'what' is taught to the 'how,' 'where,' and 'by whom.' In this paradigm, the environment, educators, and students assume roles as significant, if not more so, than the program itself.

Our curriculum and methodology are thoughtfully designed to ensure that children experience continuous growth in value, moment by moment, day by day. Our primary emphasis is on fostering playfulness, spontaneity, and the pure delight of learning.

Learners in Chief

Ms. Sushma Manrai


The young are the future and the hope of the new world - a world in search of a proper balance between the need for new discoveries on the one hand, and human ethics on the other, and also a world that needs to find a balance between competition and sharing. The mission before us is a mission which requires human intellect. Knowledge based on thorough study should not only enable us to gain a broader view, but should also make us kinder and more caring persons. Otherwise, the owner of knowledge thus acquired may turn out to be good at thinking, but surely not a person with good thinking.

The Teachers

At our school, our teachers are akin to second parents to your children. Our team of educators includes individuals who began their journey as parents to our students and have since transitioned into the role of dedicated educators. Others joined us out of a profound love for teaching this age group, a conscious decision they made.

While academic degrees and qualifications certainly add to their credentials, the primary criterion for being a part of our team is their exceptional connection with children and the remarkable impact they make when nurturing young minds. Our teachers create memorable experiences that your child will cherish for a lifetime.