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Our School aims and dedicates itself to promoting excellence in every sphere. The primary goal is to focus and foster interest and passion for life long active learning because knowledge itself is limitless and spread over like the cosmos. We believe in encouraging and imbibing in the children lateral as well as creative thinking.

It is imperative that the children learn to develop a sense of pride in our nation and learn to respect our national symbols. Schools are foundation for posterity of every nation. We at Vb International strive to create an environment where in the students learn and develop a deep sense of national pride, respect for every religion and our multi cultural society.


  • Enhance students’ social & thinking skills & make them self reliant.
  • Development & up­gradation of social values like Honesty, Truthfulness, Discipline & Compassion.
  • Encourage taking part to win, because it is not winning that matters, but taking part.
  • Strives to be one of the centres of excellence in scholastic education based on the moral ideas & the attitude of Indian culture combined with modernity


  • To develop in our students a high sense of discipline, courage, team spirit & perseverance, enabling them to face the harsh realities of life.
  • To inculcate a kind & courteous attitude with emphasis on spiritual values through Meditation & Yoga.
  • To inculcate the spirit of appreciation of Values, our Cultural Heritage, Simplicity & Honesty.
  • To develop a sense of self­respect & responsibility in life.
  • To develop & encourage the spirit of competition & excellence.

Our Forte

VB International Beliefs

We, believe that we are a Community of Lifelong Learners where

Children are learners, not just Students A student is limited to schooling, but a leaner is for life. We empower children to become a Lifelong Learners by nurturing a Learner's mindset.
Children are learners,
not just Students
Experience is more important
than information
Children are makers,
not just Takers
School is a Community,
not a service provider
Teachers are Facilitators,
not Instructors
How to think & how to learn is more
essential than what to think & what to learn
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